Damon Dash “Is Dame Broke?”

Hip Hop Motivation interviews Damon Dash about his previous as well as current financial status as an independent entrepreneur, asking him the question every… Check out more COOl videos at

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What’s Your Purpose? – Greatest Motivation Les Brown & Eric Thomas

Music Producers – If you need a motivational video for your business, please contact us at I … Check out more COOl videos at

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Cool things to do with Hand Sanitizer and a Lighter

In the video, i used One Step hand sanitizer. If you try this, please be very careful!!! i don’t want anyone to burn their house down because of my video. If… Check out more COOl videos at

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Your Niche… You Can’t be Everything to Everybody

Who are your potential customers or clients? Do you feel you can market your product or service to most anyone? Marketing to everyone, without narrowing your focus, will lead to vague messages to your potential market, with very few people understanding what value you can bring to them. You really need to understand who it…

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Your Gift to the World… Is the World Ready for It?

You have a gift. And as with all gifts, it is meant to be shared and given freely. It may not be clear to you yet what that gift is, yet simply put… it is your passion. It is the one thing that you focus on the most, the one thing that you love to…

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