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Hi! I'm Pat…

Pat Shanks
Pat Shanks

…and one-half of “The Coolest Couple”.

Throughout my life my mother helped many other businesses with her accounting and office expertise, all as a solo entrepreneur. It was cool as she could quite often set her own hours and do a lot of the work from home. So I thought, “Yeah, I'd like to do that too!”

As a technical guy I had the freedom to go many ways in sharing my skills. So I did some work as an employee, but spent most of my career as a consultant; usually with the option of working from home and setting my own hours. It was all about getting the technical things to work so my clients didn't need to worry about them.

Now that I am sharing this knowledge with those wanting to start their own online business, I look at technical tools in the context of: “Will this help people get their business off the ground faster and easier?” and “Is this tool easy to learn and use even without a technical background?”

To fuel my other passions, my wife, Lorna, and I have studied many courses from personal growth to marketing (and everything in between), sorted through the good, the bad and the ugly and have come up with the framework of what can really work for online entrepreneurs.

Co-founding was a great way to share this knowledge while having fun along the way. The coolest part is being able to share all the cool tools and strategies I've discovered so others are able to tame technology and have the confidence to go for it.

And of course the new tips, tricks and tools I continually learn and the cool people I meet through is amazing! The more new things I learn means the more valuable insights I get to share with inspiring entrepreneurs.

So the one thing Lorna and I felt compelled to instill in out three children is that they can do whatever inspires them and fuels their passion. They are out there right now doing just that!

Lorna and I are living in the home in which we raised our family in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.