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Pat and LornaThe Coolest Couple
Pat and Lorna
The Coolest Couple
How we became The Coolest Couple…

Hi! We are Pat and Lorna Shanks also known as The Coolest Couple. And in case you didn’t know, over the past few years we’ve always shown up on the front page of the Google search for The Coolest Couple. So how did we do that? It’s a secret…

Actually no, it’s not… we simply used SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and tools. Truthfully, it started out as an SEO experiment to see if we could make The Coolest Couple #1 in the search engines. Why? We noticed the friendly feud between the team of Russell Brunson and Mike Filsaime versus Brad Fallon to be the “Coolest Guy on The Planet”, and we thought it sounded like fun.

  • “We” are not a guy… so it kinda had to be a Couple
  • It’s something to tell our grandchildren
  • To see if one couple can make a difference
  • It’s just plain COOL to be The Coolest Couple

So that’s how it all got started…  and why we still have The Coolest Couple brand.

Give it a try. Go to Google, and type in (or click on the following link) “The Coolest Couple” and see who comes up on the first page (we are not always #1, but we are usually in the top 5) .

The Coolest Couple also ties into where we live. In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada the temperature sometimes drops to -30 degrees C / -22 degrees F so we do get REALLY COOL some days 🙄

Stay Cool, and as the Fonz says “Eh!

— Pat and Lorna

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Pat & Lorna
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