Guest Post: Learning to Trust Myself – Kris de Leon

We were very fortunate to meet Kris de Leon at Mike Klingler’s Marketing Funnel Mastery event in Las Vegas. So who, may you ask, is Kris de Leon? The best way to describe Kris is by the amazing qualities he exudes when you meet him. Kris is energetic, passionate, positive (always smiling), and genuinely interested in what others have to say. He is fun to be around.

When Kris wrote his blog post on Learning to Trust Myself, we were amazed. It touched us, resonated with us, and gave us a feeling that he really understood us as people.

We invite you to read his post below, share it with others and comment on how it touched you.

Learning to Trust Myself – by Kris de Leon

“Success leaves clues”? How many times have I heard, “If you’re not doing what we’re saying, then you’re not motivated or not really committed to your success.” So I did just that – followed exactly their programs and took action on everything they said. So why didn’t I make a break through? I felt so miserable at the time, and really beat myself up, thinking something was wrong with me. How many times have you felt that way? I’m sure you can relate.

Fast forward to today – I realized why it didn’t work. I was listening to everyone else, instead of listening to myself. How can I be authentic, when I’m trying to be like someone else? Just because they are gurus, just because they are multi-millionaires and successful – I may want the same things, but does that mean I have to follow them? How can I be authentic, when I’m trying to be just like them – a copy cat? Yes, their strategies did make them successful, but were they the right strategies for me? My inner voice was nudging me so many times go a different direction, but I didn’t listen – I followed everyone else, instead of trusting myself.

I may not be the millionaire with the fancy car and private jets. I may not even be a 6 figure earner (just yet). What I can honestly say is – I love being me! I love where I’m at! I don’t care whether or not my desires manifest, because I’m already happy and have found that inner peace! That’s what’s important to me. True happiness does come from within. Heck, the sky could be falling down right now, but I can still be at peace and find the inner calmness. And here’s the paradox – I’ve been manifesting more amazing things than before (sometimes instantaneously) and taking action is such a joy!

Don’t get me wrong – I still listen to experts and successful people, but I only take what resonates with me and integrate that with the advice from my inner voice. This is where true empowerment lies!

Kris speaks of authenticity and being true to oneself. He speaks with a voice of someone who has discovered that for himself and who is so excited to share it with the world. We resonate with what he has written, and feel that without being true to ourselves the road to “success” may happen on some level, but it will be without true fulfillment and happiness.

We welcome your feelings on being authentic and true to yourself… and if you feel this relates to your business success. Please leave your comments below. Thank you so much!

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