Managing Social Media, Information and Knowledge Survey

Survey 1

We would appreciate your input on managing social media relationships, information and knowledge.

On a daily basis you connect with new friends and followers, keep in touch with existing contacts, and are exposed to an overwhelming amount of information and knowledge. So, how do you manage all that? Does most of it end up in a black hole, never to be seen again? If you’re like most people, that’s exactly what happens. Then when you need it most, you can’t find it.

People have told us things like:
“I don’ know how to organize it all.”
“How do I get my head around managing this on a daily basis, so that I don’t end up overwhelmed and therefore give up!”
“My challenge – overload, and getting everything organized. Paper and email avalanche.”

As well, people had specific questions about whether it is possible to manage and organize social media relationships, information and knowledge, and how to do it.

To better define what you’d really like to know, would you please take five minutes to complete the following survey? (It’s just 7 questions, and they’re really easy to answer.)

The survey is here ==>

Thank you in advance for your input, we really appreciate it.