Getting Started with (101)



In this video we show you how to get started with Gravatar allows you to have your image appear beside the blog comments you leave on other people’s posts.

To get a basic understanding of you can review the overview of it

You can download our 101 checklist HERE.

Getting Started with (101) – Video Tutorial

Action Steps

1) Set up your Account

1.1 Go to
1.2 Click on “Sign up” =>
1.3 Enter your Email
1.4 Click the “Link” in the confirmation Email that you received

2) Upload Your Image

2.1 Go to
2.2 Click on “Log in” =>

2.2.1 Enter your Email or Username
2.2.2 Enter your Password

2.3 Click on “Add an Image” =>

Choose where you’d like to get the image from:

  • My computer’s hard drive
  • An image on the Internet
  • A webcam attached to your computer
  • A previously uploaded image

3) Add an Email address

3.1 Go to
3.2 Click on “Add an Email Address” =>
3.3 Confirm the Email sent from Gravatar

4) Check your Avatar

4.1 Go to =>
4.2 Enter an Email address you wish to check

5) Additional Learning Assets
5.1 Download this Checklist =>
5.2 Check out our tutorial – Gravatar (202) on The Public Profile =>

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