Cool Courses

Everything learned in a course is only valuable if it is put to use.
On this page we introduce you to courses designed to help you create and run your online business. These courses have been created or chosen by us because what they teach is valuable, easily implemented and quite often they have the follow-up action built right in.

Some of these courses will call to you, dealing with subjects that are near and dear to your heart, while others will present topics that you do not feel passionate about. Whether the topics presented in these courses are something you want to dive full into, or just get your feet wet with some general knowledge… rest assured, they are all very Cool Courses.

The courses on this page reveal the “what’s” and “how-to’s” of starting or running your online business or creating and presenting content. Be like a sponge… soak up all the information these courses have to offer, squeeze it into your business and watch your business grow. It goes without saying… all the courses on this page carry the approved seal of Cool.

It is our hope that the discoveries made in these courses, combined with action on your part, will help you to get started on or improve the flow of your business.

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    Pat & Lorna
    Pat and Lorna Shanks deliver the "COOL" Goods and connections to "COOL" People. They provide tips, tools, education and informative sessions with knowledgeable people that enable entrepreneurs, independent professionals and small business owners to attract more clients and make more money.

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