Have you ever looked for info online and found:
* It’s damn near impossible to find the exact info you’re looking for
* There are tons of opinions on the topic
* You have to read a shit-load of pages to find what you’re looking for

All you really want is something simple that gets to the point and makes it easy to understand.

On this page we give you a selection of downloadable documents that we’ve created with the sole intention of making your life a whole lot easier.

No fluff and no overwhelm, just easy to follow and concise information in a visual format.

Go nuts and learn a lot!

Cool Downloads

There are a multitude of COOL Online Resources geared towards:
* Creating and running an online business
* Increasing productivity
* Automation

Yep, there are resources that make doing business online a whole lot faster and easier, and some that claim they do – but don’t.

On this page we present resources that will help you create and run your online business, and for your everyday life. Some of them we consider almost essential, and some of them are just “nice to have”. Yet they are all very COOL Resources.

Our COOLEST Downloads… For Our COOLEST Friends…

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