Cool Sites

There are millions of sites on the internet. A lot of them provide very useful and interesting information, and a whole lot of them do not. So how do you filter through all the crap to find the Cool?

On this page, we introduce you to some of the coolest sites in the online world. Some of these sites are from people we know… others are cool sites we have discovered on our own.

These sites contain information, tools or connections to help you create and run your online business. Some of them deal with the business, marketing or technical side of things, while others have connections to the inner self. The one thing they all have in common is that they are all very Cool Sites.

Each site on this page has provided us with something of value, and we’re sure that you too will benefit from them. And of course, they all carry the approved seal of Cool.

It is our hope that the insights you gain from these cool sites will help you to get started on or improve the flow of your business.

Come With Us to the COOLest Sites…

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Pat & Lorna
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