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Our Cool Tools

Here are some of the COOLEST Tools we use:
* Daily in our business
* On our blog
* In our personal life

(To be honest: Some of the product links are affiliate links . If you make a purchase through one of these affiliate links we may receive a small portion of the proceeds.)


A Groove account includes access to over 20 Powerful Apps for a very COOL all-in-one platform (plus more apps on the way). Groove started as a kick-starter to fund its development in 2018 and has become THE most powerful all-in one digital marketing and CRM platform.
And it's just not the apps… it was very COOL people like Mike Filsaime and Donna Fox (and a few others) that were instrumental in creating Groove… helping us make the decision to move from Kartra to Groove.
We still love Kartra, but find Groove's features and website speed puts it ahead of Kartra.
Here's what you get with Groove:
Our Cool Tools

Groove Mobile App
Groove Marketplace
Groove Affiliate Marketplace

We know… COOL, right?
Our Cool Tools


Kartra is the all-in-one platform that is perfect for automating everything in our business. From opt-in to sales and beyond (membership site, affiliate program and help desk), it does it all – even the analytics. With Kartra's step-by-step processes and cool templates it's so easy to create automations, sequences and all the pages we need. It’s intuitive, easy, and you don’t need to be a technical genius to use it. One platform – one account… way cool!

Also from the makers of Kartra (Digital Genesis):


WebinarJam is a robust webinar platform. Featuring the capabilities of up to 6 presenters, active chat and attendee spotlight, it's perfect for connecting with your audience. It transcends different platforms, is compatible with darn-near every device and they even have their own private and secure network. And that's just some of the amazing features. The big bonus? It comes with a really sweet price.

Our Cool Tools


EverWebinar is an evergreen webinar platform. Featuring an advanced (but easy to use) scheduling system and the option of just-in-time webinars, it's a perfect fit for you and your audience. It integrates with almost everything so you can build your list, tag your leads and get the analytics behind it all. And that's just some of the amazing features. Know what else is amazing? The cool price tag.

Our Cool Tools
Our Cool Tools

Or get WebinarJam and EverWebinar together as a Combo…

Our Cool Tools

The Brain

We use The Brain as one of our digital knowledge management tools. We like it because it thinks like we do and helps us remember things we just can't keep track off in our real brain [we're getting older and we have a lot of shit up there ? ]. We use it as a repository of things we have seen and want to remember, with the ability to see the relational network between all of this information. Some examples of information we store in TheBrain are: people, websites, contacts, courses and social media.

It’s kind of like our digital Brain; it captures all the intelligence we have gathered over time and allows us easy access (a few seconds) to any piece of digital information. We consume a lot of information and it's impossible to remember it all without a little help.

It has Windows, Mac and Mobile versions available.

Our Cool Tools


Evernote is another one of our digital knowledge management tools. We moved to a paperless office many years ago and use Evernote to capture all the things we used to keep in filing cabinets (for example: invoices, statements, receipts, clippings, and anything else in paper form). We also use it to capture and hold information such as website clippings, screen captures, ideas and notes. Almost anything we used to write on paper we now write in Evernote. (Do we still use real paper? Sometimes, but very rarely).

So much information – and without a place to organize it for quick retrieval we’d never find half of it. Yep, Evernote is a life saver.

It has Windows, Mac and Mobile versions available.

Our Cool Tools

MindJet MindManager

We use mind mapping to create just about everything we do in business (and personally too). We use if for our big picture vision and business plan, creating presentations, content (both written and video) and info products, for planning and implementing product launches and events, for our personal and business goals, and of course for much, much more. Mindjet MindManager is our choice because it's fun, effortless, and yet totally power-packed.

Our Cool Tools

G Suite

G Suite (Google) (previously named Google Apps) is our Communication and Collaboration toolbox for email, calendar, contacts and file sharing.

All of this in one package:

* Gmail (On our own domain)
* Google Drive (How we share files between each other)
* Calendar (How we keep track of all our activity and event schedules)
* Contacts (How we keep track of people we know)
* Docs, Sheets, Forms Photos and Slides

A comprehensive and Cool all-in-one tool!

It has Windows, Mac and Mobile versions available.

Our Cool Tools


For us, ClickUp is the easiest way to manage our projects, tasks and to do's. Yes, it does work very well for team collaboration (even a team of two), but it's also an awesome tool for an individual. It has a built-in calendar, many display options, headers for grouping tasks, custom fields, due dates with recurring options, a place for notes and so much more. It's one of our daily/hourly tools and it works amazingly well!

Our Cool Tools


Themify themes and plugins enable us to create our cool WordPress website quickly and easily. Every Themify theme has a drag-and-drop builder with a preview feature (you get to watch it develop as you go) as well as many cool effects to showcase your website. Yep, we used it to create the very page you're reading right now. Intuitive and quick – with great results.

Our Cool Tools


Create intelligent visitor engagement without being in their face. You can implement surveys, call-to-action videos or images, countdown timers, trigger rules and even personalized offers based on your visitor's behavior. A simple and powerful engagement tool.

Our Cool Tools


This is a “use-it-everyday” tool for us. Snagit is super-easy to use for screen captures, screen recording and image editor. It's amazingly versatile with a ton of cool features and you can share your images almost anywhere. Totally recommended!

Our Cool Tools


A very cool video creation and editing software that we use to create all our videos. How cool is it? You can use it to record yourself (via webcam), your computer screen or even add yourself into the scenery with the use of a green screen. With a multitude of drag-and-drop edits you can easily add effects and elements into your video. And to top it off, Camtasia is simple to use, allowing you to create amazing videos quickly and easily.

Our Cool Tools is a Process Management system that frees us from worrying about all the details of our business. This helps to keep our team organized and allows us to assign, or automate tasks, track process and train our team and new hires.

Our Cool Tools

A2 Hosting

We tried other web hosting companies and we've found that A2 Hosting is fast, dependable and secure. There are enough challenges in your day-to-day online business already… you don't need to be worrying about your hosting account not working. With A2 Hosting we don't worry.

Our Cool Tools


NameSilo says it best:
domains. cheap, easy, and secure.
True enough.

Our Cool Tools

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is more than just an Affiliate Link Cloaker or URL shortener — it allows you to automate repetitive tasks, optimize your site with testing, see the results of your campaigns immediately, virally spread your links and replicate your sites—including all your Affiliate Links within minutes!

Our Cool Tools


RoboForm is one of our “can't do without” tools. We no longer need to remember all our passwords, Roboform does it for us. It allows faster logins, secure log-in sharing, and one-click form fills all within a super-secure environment. It totally saves our butts over-and-over again.

Our Cool Tools


Create cool check-out pages for your business without the technical hassles. Some of the amazing features: recurring payments, 1-click upsells, embeddable cart, autoresponder integration, split-testing, mobile friendly, works with most payment gateways, and so much more.

Our Cool Tools

WishList Member

It's simple; install the WishList WordPress plugin and in only minutes you can have your own membership site up and running – complete with protected members-only content, integrated payments, membership management and yes… so much more! Totally cool!

Our Cool Tools


As the original all-in-one WordPress backup plugin, BackupBuddy really does it all. It handles WordPress backups (files, settings, themes, plugins, etc), restores, migrations, and staging. Everyone needs this kind of buddy!

Our Cool Tools

IQ Matrix

A collection of unique mind maps specifically designed for you to develop your mindset, goals, and ultimately habits for positive change. Whether it be mentally, physically, financially or spiritually – there are mindmaps to lead you down the right path.

Our Cool Tools


Milanote is a tool for organizing your creative projects into beautiful visual boards. Created to replicate the feeling of working on a wall in a creative studio – visual, tactile and sometimes a bit messy – Milanote is a great fit for freelancers in both the marketing and design spaces. Milanote has heaps of built-in templates to help you get started with a variety of different projects, from creating a moodboard to set out the visual direction for a project, to writing that perfect creative brief. Its sharing features make it a great option for those who regularly provide work to clients for feedback.

Milanote's basic plan is available for free with no time-limit.

(To be honest: Some of the product links are affiliate links . If you make a purchase through one of these affiliate links we may receive a small portion of the proceeds.)